Dr. M. Adness from the science lab E. vil & Co is experimenting new drugs for the party scene. Unfortunately the test animals are escaping.

Kill them before the blow our top secret operation!

How to play

Click or tap on a tile to build a table. Each table can be upgraded with potions and flasks that will automatically attack creatures in range.

Credits & Information

The game is open source and for credits and more information visit https://github.com/Casmo/js48-1-game


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Here's some feedback:
  • Would be nice to have volume control. It's extremely loud.
  • There's no explanations or prices listed.
  • Looks like some kind of bug with the table sprites on the top row. You can see them flickering here: http://i.imgur.com/ISkJSM4.gifv

Great, I like tower defense games. The coins going to the corner are a nice touch.

Hi all. Can you please fill out this form for me to get back to you about prizes!




Fun to play and simple. However, I'm not sure if the enemies got harder for each wave after 20-something. I built the longest route for the enemies with a line of each color across the screen by wave 26 and have only lost one life. My only suggestion, make it harder :D.

Hi & thanks!

It was indeed a bug that creeps didn't increased in difficulty after level 10. This has been fixed :).