Breakout multiplayer is a classic remake of the original Breakout or Arkanoid game with a multiplayer option. You can now play with or against your friends in this fun and addictive Breakout game. You score points for your team by hitting the ball against the bricks. Your opponents will lose points if you manage to push the ball behind their defenses! There are several power ups to gain during the game including "sticky ball", "frozen paddle" and "fire ball". Power ups will randomly spawn and move towards your team when destroying bricks.

* Please note: You need a smart phone to play!

Open the game in your browser on your TV/PC and follow the instructions on the screen. The smartphone is used to move your paddle from left to right. Touching the screen will interact with the game.


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it's not working :( Black screen on google chrome.

Hey! Thanks for reporting. It's fixed. Had to do with updating the server to SSL.

Cheers and have fun!